Episode 8: A Zombie Life | Isaac Marion, Author of the Warm Bodies Series

What We Do Episode 8 - Isaac Marion - Author of Warm Bodies

After finding success with his first novel—including a Hollywood movie deal before the book was even released—Warm Bodies series author Isaac Marion is faced with the challenge of where to go next, all the while fighting to break free of industry stereotypes.

Ike Amadi - What We Do A Short Documentary Series Podcast

The Power of Storytelling, Knowing Yourself, & Darth Vader | Iké Amadi, Voice Actor

As a voice actor for films, television shows, video games, promotions, and audio books, chances are you’ve heard Iké Amadi’s voice. Stepping into the shoes of a character, Iké transforms into the likes of heroes and villains with the touch of a true pro. But for some actors, helping tell great stories can come at a deadly price.

Join me as Iké shares his insights on the power of storytelling and knowing yourself, and offers up a killer Darth Vader impression along the way.

What We Do A Short Documentary Series podcast episode 5 Jeff Kaeli

Searching for a $17 Billion Underwater Treasure | Jeff Kaeli, Oceanographic Engineer

300 years ago, a ship carrying treasures worth $17 billion sank off the coast of Columbia. In 2015, a group set out to find it.

That group included oceanographic engineer Jeff Kaeli, one of five team members from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Having dreamed of discovering a shipwreck since he was a kid, Jeff was hopeful that the advanced technology at their fingertips would help them uncover a piece of long-lost history. But after being missing for 300 years, the chances they’d find the ship weren’t in their favor.

What We Do podcast Episode 4 - Joy Parrish

Behavioral Health Manager and Co-Host of Girls Gone WOD, Joy Parrish

As a licensed professional counselor, Joy Parrish has heard everything. Regardless of what stories are shared with her, there’s a simple truth behind it all: It’s just hard to be a human.

When not helping others progress on their mental health journeys, Joy co-hosts the popular CrossFit, health, and lifestyle podcast Girls Gone WOD.

Episode 3 What We Do - Jon Stoklosa

Special Olympics Powerlifter, Jon Stoklosa

Meet John. He’s a Special Olympics powerlifter with zero fear.
I had the privilege of interviewing him and his parents (Hank and Liz) about why they put Jon in positions where he can fail, educating the public on the R word, and cultivating independence.
Their story has become a major inspiration for me, I hope it is for you as well.

Bob Bergen voice of Porky Pig- What We Do a Short Documentary Series

Voice of Porky Pig, Bob Bergen

As a voice actor, Bob makes characters come alive. From Porky Pig to countless smaller supporting roles, and from radio ads to dubbing over Leonardo DiCaprio, Bob is always taking on new challenges. But it took a long time to get to where he is today. Using actual audio from his youth (including an unsolicited call he made to voice acting legend Mel Blanc), we explore Bob’s journey to making his childhood dream come true: becoming the voice of Porky Pig.

BONUS: You’ll learn the essentials to doing Porky’s voice. You know you want to.

Skye Borgman Abducted in Plain Sight - What We Do.png

Abducted in Plain Sight director Skye Borgman

Skye Borgman Abducted in Plain Sight - What We Do.png

Abducted in Plain Sight is the Netflix documentary everyone is talking about. But as difficult as it can be to watch, making it was a whole other story. On this episode of What We Do, we take a look behind the scenes at the making of the film with director Skye Borgman.

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